How COVID — 19 revolutionized Remote Working for Agencies?

You must be having a zoom fatigue by now. Too many unnecessary Video Conferences, classes online, and an inability to meet people in person.

And, it makes sense.

Zoom (all video conferencing) got imposed on us. It was not something we chose, but what the pandemic made us do. But, let’s say, starting tomorrow you can go out.

What will change in video conferencing when it’s not a need but a choice? (I would surely go out and have fun )

a. Commute will drastically be decreased, and if power play is not involved, i.e. people who want to call you to their office for a meeting just for the sake of it, you will save a lot of time.

b. Videos, maybe the form ones we create when people are around us are still missing, it is an integration of Telephone and TV, which are one of the biggest changemakers in the last century.

c. You can hold short meetings, get things done while having a visual impact, share documents, and collaborate in real-time and get out making you more productive.

d. Learning will not be stopped by distance anymore. Think about the people in small towns who don’t get to attend conferences, they will not.

e. The International business will grow exponentially as the trust due to video meetings will grow.

f. Cost in education, operations, conferences, and sales will drastically decrease due to it being replaceable and us getting the same value in a lower amount, also the resource person sharing a good income.

g. Culture of freelancing will grow exponentially as they can be integrated into regular meetings, comm channels, and PM tools.

Now, right now, it’s hard to process this, but in the future, we will make the best out of Zoom and cut off the rest.
All in all, adapting video conferencing and Digital Approach is going to be a big competitive advantage. And, it’s here to stay.

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