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You must be having a zoom fatigue by now. Too many unnecessary Video Conferences, classes online, and an inability to meet people in person.

And, it makes sense.

Zoom (all video conferencing) got imposed on us. It was not something we chose, but what the pandemic made us do. But, let’s say, starting tomorrow you can go out.

What will change in video conferencing when it’s not a need but a choice? (I would surely go out and have fun )

a. Commute will drastically be decreased, and if power play is not involved, i.e. people who want to call…

Move over, Alexa. Remote work is the hottest trend in tech.

Tech companies have scared the pants off of landlords since March by announcing permanent shifts to virtual workplaces. First Twitter announced it would allow employees to work from home permanently following the pandemic. Two days later, Facebook announced half of its workforce would go virtual over the next decade. Shopify, Dropbox, and Microsoft added to the long list of companies eyeing a permanent shift to all-day-pajamas and Zoom happy hours.

It’s a transition many people saw coming well before the pandemic. “We’re going to see an era of everyone…

Are you doing research in remote work?
Congratulations!!! You have made 2020 productive enough to survive and sustain the Big Working Revolution that will define the new operating mechanism of the Agency.

Covid sure bought hell straight down to earth, but we humans always figure out the innovative way to get things moving around. We curse this pandemic for all the life it took, but I personally am thankful for all the complexity that emerged as an opportunity.

Hybrid Remote working is something that is making a lot of fuss lately. Working from home remotely is great and occasional meet-ups…


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